PowerPlant Foods product line consists of Health & Energy Bars, Protein Powders and Protein Shakes, all Plant Based and Organic Ingredients to meet the current health-oriented lifestyles. We began with completing a 3 year test market and now entering throughout the US. Our innovative Organic Ingredient gives us the cutting edge over the competitors with a unique twist.

PowerPlant’s goal is to offer delicious clean Plant Based Protein products which are full of Organic Whole Food Ingredients for the health conscious consumers.



I loved all bars!!!! So nice to have something so healthy be so tasty. Thank you Martin McDermott!!!! ”
Amber H. (Vancouver)

‘This is THE BEST bar I have ever eaten of any type.”
Shawn H. (Mississauga)

“Amazing product! Gluten free has never tasted so good”
Sarah B. (Fredericton)

“Bought the coconut chocolate goodness! Thanks Martin…… great product.”
Lynn (Vancouver)