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Powerplant produces clean, plant-based raw whole food products, conveniently packaged to add a tasty, healthy boost to your busy day. Ingredients are thoughtfully and carefully blended, with a focus on sustainable production processes, so nothing is wasted.

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What People Are Saying

Hi Martin,

Had to share a couple things. 

First, we’ve been loving the PowerPlant protein powder. My son (fifteen-year-old 6’2” eating machine) has been making a concoction with yoghurt, hemp/chia seeds, Milo powder, and the PowerPlant fruit powder and inhaling it heartily. He had dental surgery last week and lived off smoothies. I think he wished he could chomp down on a steak, but the powder kept him fuelled! :)

Second, we used the PowerPlant fruit powder in a whole-wheat banana muffin recipe I make for the kids, plus we baked a dollop of the PowerPlant chocolate spread on top. Damn, it was tasty! My daughter suggested we try putting a spoonful of chocolate spread in a half-filled muffin cup, then top it with the remaining batter so the chocolate melts inside. That’s the next experiment.

Nom nom.

Sara G (Kelowna, BC)

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