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Amazing product! Gluten free has never tasted so good!

- Sarah B (Fredericton, NB)

Here is a testimonial for you, Cats:


As a yoga therapist, teacher, and bodyworker, I put out some serious energy most days and recognize that my self-care is a vital part of the success of my business.  If I suffer, so do my clients. Diet is a huge part of my health and as a 95% vegan, I have tried many whole food bars, protein powders, and supplements to give my mostly flesh/dairy/gluten-free body a boost. HANDS DOWN, the bars and the protein I have been using for the past half year from Power Plant Foods are superior in flavour, texture, overall nutritional profile, and affordability.  The fact that the people behind the product are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about their line is icing on the cake.  I have turned many clients on to their bars and proteins, particularly my older clientele who are seeking simple ways of having snacks and proteins in their diet that stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings for poor choices.   The high quality of the ingredients mean better digestibility than a lot of standard vegan products on the shelves, and gram for gram, you get solid value with the entire PowerPlantFoods line of vegan whole food products. Major thumbs up. Thanks, keep it up!

Lise Duncan

250 701 3731

Yoga Therapist/Teacher, Massage Practitioner  

Located in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island.


- Lise Duncan

Hi Martin,

Had to share a couple things. 

First, we’ve been loving the PowerPlant protein powder. My son (fifteen-year-old 6’2” eating machine) has been making a concoction with yoghurt, hemp/chia seeds, Milo powder, and the PowerPlant fruit powder and inhaling it heartily. He had dental surgery last week and lived off smoothies. I think he wished he could chomp down on a steak, but the powder kept him fuelled! :)

Second, we used the PowerPlant fruit powder in a whole-wheat banana muffin recipe I make for the kids, plus we baked a dollop of the PowerPlant chocolate spread on top. Damn, it was tasty! My daughter suggested we try putting a spoonful of chocolate spread in a half-filled muffin cup, then top it with the remaining batter so the chocolate melts inside. That’s the next experiment.

Nom nom.

- Sara G (Kelowna, BC)

We've been using PowerPlant's protein powders since they were released and they continue to be a delicious part of our daily ritual. Our whole family loves the great taste and filling shakes that we make with our favourite powder, the veggie flavour! We love this new innovation by this Canadian company!

- Jamie R (Kelowna BC)

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- Alison Heath
I just had to write and thank you for simply 'being' there, having a wonderful sustainable company that I can fully trust.
Today I purchased your 'Powerplant coconut sprouted seed spread' delicious! Never mind the cracker or toast, i just need a spoon! I purchased it at Natures Fare in Langley, B.C. and will certainly be trying all your other products.
Thank you for helping to keep me healthy and happy!
linda :D

- Linda

I loved all the bars!!!! So nice to have something so healthy be so tasty Thank you Martin McDermott!!!!

- Amber H (Vancouver, BC)

I LOVE your new look, I already know how deliciously nutritious your bars are. Great product Martin. So happy to have fellow Okanagan producers of the best Raw Food.

- Afke Z (Salmon Arm, BC)

This is THE BEST bar I have ever eaten of any type.

- Shawn H (Mississauga, ON)

We love our powerplant sprouted seed spreads!

- Lolita R (Chilliwack, BC)
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